Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fundraising in the buff (almost)

I bet every fundraising staff in the free world has, at some point, mused half-seriously about doing a cheesecake calendar for their charity. C'mon, admit it -- "Conservation Cuties"? "The Men of [your organization name here]"? "Taking It Off To Clothe The Homeless"? You've teased your executive director about posing for the cover shot, you've made board members giggle at a Development Committee meeting, you've gotten slightly alarmed when younger staffers start seriously discussing layout concepts. You know who you are. Cause really at some point doing another silent auction just doesn't get the blood flowing, right?

Well a young opera company in Chicago has actually done it, and earned a nice writeup with photo in today's Chicago Tribune. The artistic director was the first to pose; each month's photo is a real-live singer posed as a character from a well-known opera. Cue Aretha Franklin soundtrack: "Divas are doin' it for themselves..."

I know I speak for the entire dot-org readership base (ahem) in promising to, strictly as a gesture of non-profit solidarity, buy a copy. Or two -- a perfect stocking-stuffer for the opera fan in your life eh? Cause you've never seen Salome quite like this (well not at the Lyric anyway, which is the point OperaModa is trying to get across).

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