Thursday, November 09, 2006


Every day the news includes some reasons to feel proud of working in the private non-profit sector -- in fact the concept of such a sector is itself arguably one of America's greatest gifts to the world -- but then there are examples like these listed by the president of Charity Navigator.

Or this wealthy asshole who used contributions to pay for his daughter's $200,000 wedding. Seriously. That article also covers the notorious case of two directors who spent years systematically stealing from the Florence E. King Foundation in Dallas; the foundation sued and a jury ordered the pair to repay $7.5 million plus pay $14 million in punitive damages.

Then there's the five politically-conservative non-profits who laundered money for Jack Abramoff. And last year five different arrests for non-profit fraud were made in a single month in Lincoln, Nebraska. (Makes you wonder what might be going on in Omaha...?)

Yecch. Something a bit more uplifting tommorrow, hopefully.

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