Saturday, December 30, 2006

Let's recruit board members to hold cultivation events in their virtual houses

By now you've probably heard of Second Life, the online virtual world that now has more than 2 million "residents" and rising fast. It now includes businesses which make both virtual and real-life money, houses, clubs and societies, virtual sex (of course), arts and music and filmmaking communities, GM opening a car dealership, educators opening schools, and more. Like it's own reality TV show (wait, so that's a "reality" show which is watched in a non-real universe er um....existential conundrums give me a headache).

It also has a non-profit sector. Established non-profits are extending events into Second Life, or simply exploring it and recruiting volunteers there, taking real-world fundraising events into Second Life, conducting charitable-giving drives...for all I know somebody's right now organizing Second Life's first sector conference at which the cocktail-hour chatter will be all about whether "there are too many non-profits chasing too few donors..."


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