Monday, December 11, 2006

Glossy magazines about giving

An interesting new blog called Tactical Philanthropy is devoted to "chronicling the second great wave of philanthropy". Blogger Sean Stannard-Stockton, who is a professional money manager and donor advisor, got my attention the other day with the news an entire new genre of glossy magazine is being established, aimed at people who do a lot of charitable giving.

At least five such magazines have either just launched or are about to:
Contribute, Good, Generocity, Benefit, and Giving. (The physical resemblances to Martha Stewart Living are, I assume, intentional.)

A quick perusal of those websites left me feeling that "Generosity" is at least as much aimed at non-profit staffers as donors. "Good" seems to have an interesting business model: send 100% of subscription proceeds to charities and pay the bills with advertisers who are after the high-disposable-income readership that is thereby attracted. "Benefit" subtitles itself "the lifestyle of giving" and appears to be basically focused on the Bay Area at least to start. "Contribute" claims to be the only one that is entirely focused on donors as its audience. "Giving", which hasn't printed an issue yet, appears to be the best-funded of these and looks like its aiming to be the biggest/slickest player in this new magazine genre.

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