Thursday, October 26, 2006

Non-profit geekage

"Confessions of a non-profit IT director" is kind of a specialized version of Slashdot (i.e. geek news), worth a visit if you do things like wish Raiser's Edge was more customizeable. You don't actually have to know what things like an API are in order to find that blog interesting, for example from there I learned about the Community Voicemail project ("free, 24-hour nationwide voice mail to people in crisis - connecting them to jobs, housing and hope").

Meanwhile here is an anonymous blog that's more about the everyday trials and tribulations of non-profit computer support. Here's the writer upon discovering that the organization's staff had rented PCs from the hotel they were holding a conference at: "Why would anyone pay $500 a day for a laptop? Just give the money to me. I'll waste it far better than you. Besides, the twins are going to need plasma TVs."

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