Wednesday, October 25, 2006

dot-org diversity in the flesh (sorry)

In the course of compiling some data about the Chicago non-profit arts scene I came across this interesting local museum devoted to "The compilation, preservation and maintenance of leather lifestyle and related lifestyles." The bouncing-cowboy-boot logo shows up great in Firefox guys, nicely done.

Having fallen into that rabbit hole we come next to the Great Lakes Leather Alliance, devoted to "building bridges between the Leather, BDSM, D/s, M/s, fetish, and alternative sexual lifestyle communities." (Hmm, in this context what would constitute an "alternative" sexual lifestyle?) They appear to mainly do gatherings, award ceremonies and the like (that's a really nice nice color photo of the newly crowned "Great Lakes Leather Sir/Leather Boy for 2007"). And proudly displayed is the big logo telling us that the organization's events are "ASL interpreted", that is, signed for hearing-impaired folks. Whoa...I have a couple of good friends who are fluent in sign and have performed that service at events, wonder what their fingers would have to do to describe something like the "Great Lakes Master/Slave 2006" competition?

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