Monday, February 12, 2007

Not everybody is down with fundraising in the buff

A month ago, about the volunteers-pose-almost-naked-for-fundraising-calendar thing, I suggested that "For breast-cancer research this idea has perhaps already become a cliche." Apparently not everybody agrees, or else it depends on who the volunteers are, according to this CBC report from British Columbia.

[Admit it, when you read "Exotic Dancers for Cancer" several 7th-grade-caliber responses came to mind didn't they? Yea, I know. Tell you what, the biggest groaner posted in the comments here will win a special booby prize.] [Because the blogger gets one freebie under a standing house rule that I just made up, that's why.]

Anyway...reaction to this seems to fall mostly into the "oh for pete's sake!" category. See for example here, and here, and here, and here complete with editorial cartoon. Don't Tell The Donor, where I learned about this, suggested what a development director who wanted to play hardball would do. (In response to her ending question: nope, that little scheme works for me. If major donors can feel free to throw their weight around then fundraising staff should feel free to politely lean back.)

The storyline in Vancouver appears to be turning out positively as detailed here, after some predictable tangential fallout.


sdrone said...

I've submmited my qualifications many times. I REALLY want to help with breast cancer research. REally. I do.

Paul Botts said...

The 8th-grader in my house just rolled his eyes.

a fundraiser said...

How crazy is it that Canadian Cancer Society issued this press release last Tuesday?