Friday, January 05, 2007

Fundraising in the buff addendum

OK so the volunteers-posing-almost-nude-for-the-fundraising-calendar thing is officially no longer just a big-city concept, if it ever was. In fact for at least one photographer it's a specialty. In fact now there's a website (naturally) tracking the whole trend. This is either a fun example of the grass-roots dynamism of today's non-profit sector or one more sign of the West's slide into decadent indolence. Your call.

"Men of Mortuaries"? Gah, if you keep the website photo on your screen their shirts melt away. No I'm not kidding, wish I was....In Wisconsin people got naked with their family dogs to raise money for the local animal shelter. Ah but the cat people are in on it too.

In Louisville it's local restaurant chefs (thankfully that guy posed with a trout in his lap not a perch). For breast-cancer research this idea has perhaps already become a cliche. The U.K. apparently has enough "lady jockeys" to fill a whole year. And they have un-shy farmers too. A local Lion's Club, sure why not. But Rotarians?? FOR THE LOVE OF MIKE NOT THE ROTARIANS!!!

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